Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just Keep Blogging

I have been mentally arguing with myself as to whether or not I want to keep this thing going. It's a battle I have regularly, which if this were anything else I would just stop and call that my final answer - but then I start thinking and I do enjoy sharing some of the health stuff I learn about and I do have requests from certain family members that I can not see on a regular basis to keep my on line life up to date... but I sometimes feel like my privacy is a little invaded, or I have too much of an internet presence. I also LOVE sharing our hikes and adventures, but thats also because those will be made into blog books grouped in 5 year increments for me to keep at home and have for sentimental value and reference.

Last year, 2013, we did not get out too much. Josh was in school the entire year and the  second half of the year he wasn't even living at home. I think we had the least amount of outside time last year than we have ever had together. And currently he has out about a zillion job applications and some of those jobs are back on the coast, so he may be gone for long periods of time again (as bad as he wants those jobs, and I want him to be happy, I really want him home).

So as my life changes, this blogs direction may change as well. I am growing, working a ton (2 jobs, fun), and sometimes I feel like I hit walls when thinking about health and fitness and nutrition - I get tired of it sometimes. I mention that mostly because the posts about health, etc. are the ones with the most views and a few of those posts still receive daily 'hits'. I may be spending more time blogging about other topics in the future. Like for one, I am looking into getting back into the mental health field and that is what is going to be on my mind most often, and I have been doing yoga more regularly - so my posts on health may go from tangible change topics to mental health topics and information. Still health, but not in the same way as the posts that get the most hits. Not so much working out and macronutrients and more of positive attitudes and self awareness.

I enjoy blogging, but I am so goal oriented that sometimes it feels like a burden. A post will weigh on me until I finally have the time to sit down and type it all out, that takes all the fun away. I am not going to be a daily poster, in fact I might just be a monthly poster - maybe a post or two every couple of months, nothing crazy but enough that I will have something to put into my blog books.

Next month starts the 4th year that Josh and I have been in Oregon (February 22, 2011). 2013 was not the most exciting for us, to say the least, and I am really hoping and going to push for a better and more exciting 2014.


Angel The Alien said...

I am hoping to move to Oregon in the next year, to be closer to some of my family members and because my aunt just thinks it would be a better place for me. I can see you enjoy it. Have you seen any cougars? That is my one fear... I have a small dog and I don't want her to get eaten! (not even joking... I get a little paranoid about my dog.)

Danielle said...

Oregon is absolutely amazing, but really it depends on where you are coming from (like if you live around the Rocky Mtns). I have not seen any cougars, I wouldn't say it's NOT a worry because they *are* here and there are warnings posted at trail heads, but I have not had any run ins and don't know of anyone who has. They are cats, so they probably avoid us as much as we avoid them. My aunts dog (jack russell) was eaten by a cougar, but that was in Colorado. I have seen lots of small dogs out with people on trails, dog owners are VERY common here. I know that sounds weird because everyone has a dog, but seriously it's more uncommon to not see someone with a dog in a park or on a trail.

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