Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gone, but Not Forgotten (Hopefully)

As much as I love my Kindle Fire HD, it does not compare to using a real computer (or laptop). 

Josh had to 'move' to Newport in August, which is an hour away from our apartment. At first it was just for work and I was able to keep the laptop at home with me and he used his Kindle while he was there during the week. Then he started classes in late September, and obviously school isn't possible without a computer, so the laptop stays with him now. We have joint custody. Josh 'lives' in Newport and I only get to see him for about 24-36 hours a week... since August. It's been really hard, but he finishes his second bachelors degree next month so we are pretty stoked. Sometimes you have to really put in a lot of hard work and sacrifice a lot of things you took for granted to get to one amazing end goal. Josh will have 2 undergraduate degrees and a year of master's work completed in just a few short weeks (not to mention, he has a job lined up). Since September he has been working for free! I am so ready for that second income to come back. He has been doing an unpaid internship, which is required, for school. Hence why the laptop has been gone and my blogs have been MIA for a while.

Although sometimes I do miss having the laptop for ease of Google searches and blog writing, it has been nice to be forced to do other things. I am a pretty solid loner, therefore when Josh is gone during the week I mostly just work, and when I am not at work I usually just hang out with my dogs or workout.  The pups miss Josh a lot too, they only get half the amount of walks and attention that they used to. I have also been learning Italian on this sweet Andriod app. (Apple might have it too?), it's called Duo Linguo. And I have been looking into plant-based diets (watching a lot of documentaries) and some Paleo recipes. 

I am also debating on creating a second blog. This second blog will not focus on one thing, but rather a plethora of topics and random questions. It will be more focused on my thoughts and views on real topics of life. Did I mention I have been watching Sex and the City, Dawsons Creek (the ENTIRE series), and The Wonder Years? This new blog will talk about things we often don't ask out loud, or we only talk about with close friends, topics that are a little more insightful instead of just what new superfood is in the news today. It will be more raw and hit a lot of topics that people usually avoid in public writings.... which are all reasons I am debating on putting it together. 

Next week is Thanksgiving and we have about 10 confirmed guests coming over, so this blog will not be regularly updated again until after the holiday is over. Tomorrow is the big shopping trip to hopefully get everything preped and the recipes finalized. I LOVE the holidays! 

Hope everyone eats lots of Turkey next week!!! 


Amanda Jones said...

I had no idea josh had to live away too. That stinks. I know this blog post is old, is he home now?? Haha we've started watching Dawson's Creek on Amazon, and I was watching Sex and the City via HBO GO. I have a Kindle Fire too and agree it's convenient, but it doesn't work for work/school.

Danielle said...

He is home now. I didnt want to make that ' public knowledge' until he was back just for saftey reasons. I know i live in the safest city in the country, but still with all the stalkers and mess Emily has gone through I try to stay as private as i can on a public blog.

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