Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Think A Change Would Do You Good...

You know that Sheryl Crow song? I think it was more about relationships between people and not the changes I made today.

I recently posted about leaving the iPhone world, and today that happened. Josh and I both traded in our iPhones for 'regular' texting phones just a few short hours ago. I literally spent so much time 'checking' my phone that I was still doing it after we made the switch out of habit - even though I had nothing to check! I seriously have more time now... that's kinda sickening. I was on the phone SO much that I have free time now that the phone is gone. While we were at the ATT store the guy helping us (he was about our age) asked us if we'd seen Into The Wild when were talking about it all. I guess what we were doing reminded him of that sort of thing, I just told him if he liked the movie he REALLY needed to read the book.

The second change I made today was getting new sweatpants. Now I know how crazy that sounds, but the sweats I trashed this evening were the sweats I got for joining my high school track team in 2001! I have had and WORN these sweat pants for 12 years, I truly believe that I have spent more time in those pants than I have with Josh! I have even looked at new pants before and couldn't bring myself to get rid of my track pants... but they are so thin and old and kind of nasty overall, it's past time for them to go. I lived in them for so long that even when I had bought new pants in the past I never got rid of the track sweats and still choose them over others. No more! Brand new, still fuzzy on the inside, and very warm Oregon State sweats. 

Today was a day of new beginnings. These steps may seem small to other people, but both changes today were very large steps for me. This is going to be a great year full of new experiences and hopefully hitting some fitness goals.

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