Saturday, November 24, 2012

No space left: edit

So I had this nice Thanksgiving day blog going... .and I went to upload a picture and it told me I used all my free space. 

I am not buying space to load pictures. 

How do I erase pictures on my picasa albums without screwing up pasts posts on my blog? I dont use Picasa... but it auto loaded pictures to it and now I am regretful of ever opening it.

:EDIT: I am considering buying the space to load more pictures. It's only like $2/month and I really like being able to go back to look at the places we've been. In fact, I am thinking of one day even taking all the posts I've made about our hikes and trips and turning them into their own little blog book of adventures! So we'll see in the next few days or so if I continue; we do have a trip that I am planning right now for our anniversary the weekend after next and I know I am going to want to look back at it in the future...

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