Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just Do It

Since I got back to Oregon from Christmas in Atlanta last year I have been busting my tail to get back into shape. I know I was not my normal size when I went home and I wasn't comfortable in my own body. I was at my highest weight and lowest fitness level ever. New Years goals are over rated to me, I always make the same lame goal to loose weight, get in shape, blah blah blah and it never happens; so this year I decided I wasn't going to make a goal, this year I decided I was going to just do it. 

Okay, okay, so the picture says I need a goal - and while I do have an end goal I would like to meet, I am not setting myself small goals to hit along the way. I know myself and I know that if I am continually setting goals and not meeting them I will give up and feel like a failure. This way, without the goals, I am still working towards the end, but more on my own terms. I started this year by thinking I would be able to run my weight off, I ran track in high school for two years, and although I have never been much of a runner I figured 'I was thin then, maybe it could work now'. Josh and I had a goal of running a half marathon in April, so I had roughly 2.5 - 3 months to train for it. Here I was, not having ran in YEARS deciding to get up and run 13.1 miles. How hard could it be?   And on top of it I was running with my husband... my 6 foot 3 husband who has LONG skinny legs and who's one stride was 2 of mine! So that was a bust, he was working hard to stay behind with me and I was stammering and running out of breath to catch up to him. We tried that method for about a month before I decided NOPE. And there went the half marathon idea. I just wasn't a runner. 

Then we borrowed Insanity from our friend Jason. Talk about a wake up call. But it was more on my level of working out. I LOVE the boot-camp style of getting in shape, I used to do Tae-Bo, kick boxing, and aerobics years ago at the YMCA. Insanity was great! It pushed us hard and made us keep going even though we both wanted to stop. [I posted my Insanity stories as they happened, if you are interested they were posted around March & April this year.]

Insanity was a great start to a new life for me... Josh drifted off into his school work after he finished his 60 days, but still cycles almost daily [and eats what I cook/buy for him]. I was excited about how much Insanity had lifted my spirits and was ready to move into a better healthier life. I started doing research to find better foods to eat, vitamins to take, how to train like a pro, etc. That's when I started blogging about my findings, I wanted to share what I had learned and help inspire other people the way I had been and show people how easy it really is to live healthy and happy for a long time. 

As I have stated a few times before, I don't own a sale and refuse to ever buy one and strongly disagree with the BMI charts, so as a way to keep up with my 'weight' I got a body fat caliper. Recently I blogged about my excitement with the precent of body fat I had lost since purchasing them in May, however, even fat calipers require a weigh number to be used in order to be properly calculated. So I rarely use those either and now just rely on my clothes and pictures to let me know my progress. 

Also this summer I purchased the Eat Clean Diet book by Tosca Reno. I was inspired to read this book from a friend and fellow blogger Danielle Butler, who also blogs a lot about fitness and health and who is now entering and exploring the world of fitness as a first time pregnant, soon to be mommy. This book has changed my total way of eating! No joke, this book tells you all about how and when to eat to help your metabolism work for you in the best way. No gimmicks, just clean healthy foods - fruits, veggies, proper serving sizes of meats, and dairy. The healthy eating, with now sporadic, working out was really doing the trick. I had thought about taking vitamins and supplements, but I never did, in the end I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it alone. The only thing I do extra is a protein shake, but that's for recovery, meal replacements, and just for protein intake because I hardly eat any meats at all. 

I have been toning up and loosing the flab for 11 months now. And trust me when I say it has been a LOONG 11 months. I am hoping to inspire other people who want to loose weight and tone up on their own. It is possible! Yes, I have 'cheat' meals, I drink alcohol, I eat candy [Halloween was hard this year!], and I am a certified carb lover! I still eat all my favorite foods, but I only do it when I really feel like I have 'worked' for it and I don't do it every day. The past 3 weeks I have been back into running [without the hubby this time] and doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred [workout/step 3], I have really been feeling a difference from all my work so tonight I tried on an old pair of skinny jeans I bought YEARS ago and haven't been able to fit in comfortably in 2.5 years. They are my favorite 'dress' jeans and I haven't been able to even get them over my thighs in 2 years.  I tried them on about 4 months ago and I was able to squeeze myself into them enough to button them, and the button barley held it all in. I was happy to have made that much progress then because I knew it meant all my work was paying off, even if it was going slow. Sure I could have trained harder and eaten less junk - but I LOVE food and love dark beers... and I am a real person, mistakes are going to be made, you just have to learn to plan for them.

So I tried on my skinny jeans tonight for the first time in 4 months... and they FIT!!! I have a slight muffin top in them [I think it's partly due to their cut], but they are on and comfortable and it's nothing a looser fitting shirt can't hide! I was SO excited about this that I just walked around the apartment in them for about 20 minutes and just kept telling Josh to look at me. There is nothing better than fitting into clothes you thought you would never fit into again. I gave away all my other pants that size because I was starting to feel that I would never get back there. I was happily wrong. 

To celebrate this accomplishment I decided to keep with it and go for a run - but not just any run... I ran without my GPS App on! That's right, no tracking time or comparisons to 'best' and 'worst' on that track, which my app speaks aloud to me as I run. I only know the distance because it was the same route I usually run. I was so free feeling that I think I actually could have had my best time on that course tonight! It is so liberating to turn off the clock and just run without racing or competing with myself. I have never ran without the app on before because I have always wanted to know how I was doing - do I need to speed up, do I need to keeping running at a certain part etc. So turning off the GPS was a reward, probably the best reward I've ever given myself. [if you are looking for a great running app I LOVE mine, Runmeter, it has a small cost but it's worth it] I just hit the pavement to some Lady Gaga and Britney Spears and focused on my breathing, it was the best run I've had and I am looking forward to more 'reward runs' in the future. 

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