Friday, September 23, 2016

Fancy Pants

As I mentioned, I have taken my body on a journey this year. It has been a bumpy road, but once I decided what I wanted to achieve I set out to tackle it pretty hard. At the end of March/ beginning of April I started calorie counting, that started to lead to too much restriction. I have been down that road before and did not want to go back, so I upped my workouts and added more weights. I increased my calories and eventually decided that although I was seeing results, they weren’t happening fast enough.
I moved to twice a day workouts and meal prepping clean foods. Forty minutes fasted cardio in the morning and weights after work, I finally started getting some changes I was able to see. I held on to that routine for about 3 months, double workouts are hard and I was doing it 6 days a week. I felt a plateau coming and new something had to be changed up. I was given a routine and instructed to take more rest days. Although the increased amount of rest days was hard to adjust to at first, I have learned to really enjoy them. I also started a new job, which does not have room for two workouts a day, so I am back to one solid workout daily with about 98% plant based nutrition. I’m not perfect with the plant based stuff, but I am working on it and learning as I go.
It wasn’t until recently that more friends started to notice, which I can’t lie, is a great feeling. I have busted my bum and even though I am happy with what I have gotten so far, I am not done yet and have some more fat to drop and muscle to gain. I wanted to wait to try new jeans on. You know that feeling of when you think you dropped a size and you go shopping only to find the size hasn’t changed, but they just fit better now. The worst!! I waited a long time, until it go to the point that it was uncomfortable to wear jeans that were so big and bunched up so much under the belt. I didn’t want to go shopping to go down one size, I wanted to go shopping to go down two sizes. I almost think jeans shopping is worse than bikini shopping. Jeans have this way of showing all the curves you try to hide, at least with a bikini you are putting it out there on purpose.
Anyways, I went shopping… and it was GREAT. Frist walk into the dressing rooms I grabbed one 6 and one 4. The pants I had on were a size 8, I originally thought I bought them at the beginning of this year, but I just saw a photo album from christmas and I had them on there, so I must have bought them right before that holiday. I cringed as I put the size 6s on, I was waiting for that “nope sorry, still an 8” feeling that I had gotten so used to. I don’t think I have ever smiled so big in my life as I did when the size 6 was too big still!
I know its just a number, but to have proof that all my hard work has finally paid off was such an overwhelming feeling and I was flooded with emotions. I quickly took them off and put on the 4s.
IMAG0375                    IMAG0378
Fit like a glove. I went out and got 2 additional pairs of 4 just to be sure they really fit and I wasn’t dreaming. They both fit, but the Levi’s ‘way too skinny’… seriously… PAINTED on.
Like it was a struggle just to get them over my heals! But the waist band fit. Not my style, I don’t really like jeans that show your calf muscles. I don’t mind a great fitting pair of skinnies, but these were tighter than my jeggings, yoga pants, and pantyhose. The material made me so hot that by the time I snapped a  couple pictures I started to feel myself sweat and had to literally peel them off. But the waist still fit.
Here’s a side by side from christmas break and today in the same size 8 jeans (Which were the curvy fit from Old Navy and were SOO comfy)
20151229_111626  JeansBlog 
Then I went to Trader Joes and bought everything pumpkin, pumpkin spice, and harvest flavor they sell. It was a great day! Winking smile

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Over the past 2 years, since my last entry, we have just been hanging around Oregon. A year ago we moved to the Portland area and have been enjoying it, but we feel like a change may be in the air soon. I think we have a case of what they refer to as Wanderlust, and we are both okay with that. We are even considering the Peace Corps in a few years from now as well; currently we are looking at the Fiji and Samoa area but they are always full.

I deleted my Facebook account a few weeks ago, Messenger still works, and I am alive and kickin’ on Instagram… almost too much! I have been thinking about this blog lately and I really enjoy being able to look back at our lives and adventures and since deleting FB I have no other way to do that. So I am dusting off the keyboard and wondering how long it will last this time. The want to blog seems to come and go in waves, I should just learn to embrace it instead of fighting it.

We have been exploring Oregon, Washington, and Northern California. I have also picked up a fitness journey around March this year and I have big goals set up for maybe next year, wanderlust time dependent. Other than that we have just been living out our lives in our normal fashion. 


So here we go with the blogging!……

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Merry Go Round

I keep leaving and coming back to this thing! Can't seem to stay away. Stay tuned for some updating and webpage vamping!
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